An Essential Safety Feature!

This gas alarm will detect a gas leak and SHUT IT OFF!!

DVK Monitors have been operating in Australia for over 25 years.

They are now being manufactured in Perth, Western Australia with the same design and operation.

Jon from DVK with a quick demonstration of how the monitors work:

Your D.V.K GA286 and GA286SV are GAS/FUME alarms capable of detecting the presence of inflammable gases or vapors in concentrations below the explosive limits.

The T.G.S 813/C sensor used responds to the presence of LPG (Propane/Butane), Natural gas (Methane) and Town gas including petrol fumes with calibration range of 1% to 25% LEL Propane at 20ÂșC.

DVK Gas MonitorBoth models are flush mounted in a cut-out 95mm wide and 58mm high and designed for use in a 12 volt DC system ideal for boats, cars and caravans.

This part can be mounted in a convenient location. Both models have additional outputs for an external buzzer and/or alarm to alarm and/or fume extractor.

THE GA286 FUME DETECTOR AND ALARM is the base model, which has two sensors capability and is alarm only. It comes with a 1 x 4m sensor lead.

The GA286SV GAS DETECTOR WITH ALARM AND GAS SHUT OFF is the other model, which also has two sensors capability and controls a gas shut off valve, which will stop gas flow when a leak is detected.

This unit is supplied with a 12 volt Australian made certified Goyan shut off valve and a 1 x 4m sensor lead.

These units operate with a green SAFE light and with Gas shut off valve energised via on demand switch (SV model) when environment is safe and no gas is detected

If fumes are detected, the green SAFE light will change to red DANGER light with audible alarm, if (SV model ) shut off valve will switch off gas.

Red lights indicate which sensor is detecting gas. Unit will then go into a DANGER flashing red light until gas fumes are removed and unit is manually reset. Unit will then go back to green light SAFE mode.

This video shows the DVK Monitor in action and explains exactly how it works:

Both units conforms to Appendix E of AS/NZS 2013 5601-2 Gas Installations for LP gas installations in caravans and boats. According to this standard, BOATS with gas installs should have approved detector.

Jim from Rockingham RV talks about the benefits of a DVK Gas Monitor in a Caravan:

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