Burnt Out Food Truck

If you have a Food Truck or Food Van, you cannot afford to be without a DVK Gas Monitor.

If a fire breaks out on the stove or grill, the DVK Monitor will kill the gas with the flick of a switch.

Your DVK Monitors WA GA286SV Gas alarm is a highly sensitive instrument capable of detecting the presence of inflammable gases or vapours in concentrations below explosive limits.

The T.G.S 813 sensor used responds to:

  • LPG (propane/ butane)
  • Natural Gas (Methane)
  • Town gas including petrol fumes

The GA286SV has Two Sensor Capability and controls a solenoid, which will stop gas flow when a leak is detected.

It also has an extra output for an external buzzer and/or alarm and this unit is supplied with a 12-volt gas solenoid (an Australian made GOYAN certified solenoid) and a 1 x 4m sensor lead that plugs into the main unit.

They conform to the standard AS/NZS 2013 5601-2 Gas installations for LP gas installations caravans.

Food Trucks are trailers, caravans and motorised vehicles:


3.1 Minimum free area
Simplified definition of standard: In a caravan there is a requirement for minimum amount of permanent ventilation for any gas appliances installed. If this requirement is not met, gas detector is required.

3.2 Special requirements for camper trailers and boats
On pop-up type recreational vehicles and boats, ventilation shall be effective whether the top is up or down.

For camper-trailers and boats of the fully collapsible type, ventilation need only be effective when the structure is erected.

3.3 Special requirements for RVs (motorised caravans)
In motorised caravans, regardless of the location of the vehicle exhaust, vents shall not be installed in the rear wall.

These units are not a requirement yet, but an essential safety component for you and your family.

They can prevent a gas disaster from happening if:

  • vents have been blocked
  • modifications to van vents have been made

The DVK Monitor will turn the gas on and off via the unit rather than the gas bottle.

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