DVK Gas Monitor“Not only is DVK’s product first class, so is their services and advice. From our first enquiry, right through to the installation, it was a breeze. We now have peace of mind in our caravan that any leaks will be shut down. Totally recommend you get one.”
W Litster

“Jonathan Kain is extremely responsive to client needs. Additionally, he can sell component parts for DVK Monitors vs the need to purchase a complete new unit from the retailers, which is a considerable saving.”
T Baker

“The DVK monitors are very well presented and look professional when fitted. I have been the victim of a gas fire in a caravan and there is nothing more frightening than a gas explosion in the middle of the night. With the solenoid valve mounted directly to the gas cylinder, there is no way any gas can escape. The solenoid valve is the highest quality valve ever made. I highly recommend the DVK unit for ultimate safety and long lasting.”
C Downs

“Excellent service and a great product, thank you.”
J Strahan

“Excellent service and a great product.”
V Li

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